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  1. D

    WACCM with CAM5 physics for pre-industrial conditions

    Hi all, Is there a predefined component set to run WACCM with CAM5 physics for pre-industrial conditions using data ocean (F)? Since I couldn't find any, I created a user-defined compset as: ./create_newcase -case ~/CAM5_WACCM_PI -user_compset...
  2. W

    Meaning of the output variables regarding U tendency of gravity drag

    Dear all,When I analyze the output data of WACCM5, I am confused with some output variables regaridng the gravity wave drag. For example, the long_name of BUTEND1 is U tendency c < -40, and another variable UTEND1 has the same long name (U tendency c < -40). What is the difference for the two...