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A question about the variable of "input_pftdata_filename" in landuse.timeseries. inputdata

I run the FHIST compset in the CESM2.1.0
When I check the landuse inputdata (landuse.timeseries_1.9x2.5_hist_16pfts_Irrig_CMIP6_simyr1850-2015_c170824.nc) of the CLM model, I have a question about the variable of "input_pftdata_filename". It is printed as follows:


It's time ranges from 1850 to 2015.
However, I checked my inputdata sets, I can not find the corresponding data of "input_pftdata_filename". There is no data document of "/glade/p/cesm/cseg/inputdata/lnd/clm2/......". Nevertheless,the FHIST runs normally.

Does the FHIST has considered the "input_pftdata_filename" already ?
And if I want to investigate the effects of the landuse data mentioned above in the CESM, What can I do to achieve that?

Sincerely hope for any help.
Thank you.


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Those are the names of the files that are used as input when the landuse timeseries is created using the mksurfdata_map tool.
They are not used by the model itself.