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About changing SSTs field to study sea ice changes

Hi there,

I would like to study how will the sea ice fraction changes if I perturb certain region of the SSTs by using the F compset. However, I realize that the F compset has prescribed SST/Sea ice as boundary conditions so that I wouldn't see the impact of perturbing SSTs on sea ice fraction changes (right?) Is there any other way or other compsets available for me to conduct this kind of perturbation experiment?

Hi again,I just saw there's a "prescribed_ice" in the cice namelist. Is it the one I should modify by setting prescribed_ice = .false.  in order to fit my needs?ps. I'm using FC5 compset




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I'm afraid this mode of running is not supported. We do not allow active ice to run with specified SST. This would create inconsistent sea ice with the SST right along the ice edge. There is a way to run with a slab ocean model and active sea ice (E compset). There is an FAQ on that here:https://bb.cgd.ucar.edu/faq-data-ocean-slab-mode-docn-somDave