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Aquaplanet slab ocean with SEA-ICE in CESM2

I have simulated the Aquaplanet slab ocean with sea ice through the CESM2. I have made below changes in the user_nl_cice

kdyn = 0
kitd = 1
prescribed_ice = .false.
tr_aero = .true.
tr_fy = .true.
tr_iage = .true.
grid_file = '/home/cas/phd/asz178470/domain.ocn.fv0.9x1.25_gx1v7.151020.nc'
kmt_file = '/home/cas/phd/asz178470/domain.ocn.fv0.9x1.25_gx1v7.151020.nc'
grid_format = 'nc'
grid_type = 'latlon'
kstrength = 0
r_ice = -2
r_pnd = -2

I am following the instructions given on the website of CESM. I am also sharing that link; please see. https://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/simpler-models/files/CAM_aqua_som_description.pdf

Resolution: f09_f09_mg17

Model builds successfully and I have run two experiments first control simulation and in the second simulation I have changed the R_ice and R_pnd value 0 to -2 and run for 5 months. I have compared the FSNS (Net downward solar flux at surface) from these two experiments and got no changes in this. Why is it not changing? Please help me regarding this.

I have also noticed one thing that the ice log file is not generating. Something wrong with the simulation or its normal thing with this comset?

The following log files are generated.
1. atm.log.1336214.pbshpc.210216-071303
2. cesm.log.1336214.pbshpc.210216-071303
3. cpl.log.1336214.pbshpc.210216-071303
4. ocn.log.1336214.pbshpc.210216-071303

I am also attaching these log files. Thank you so much in advance.


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CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
You are using the incorrect resolution combination. You are saying f09_f09, but pointing to the f09_g17 domain files. I would recommend running this as f09_g17_mg17 instead.