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Bias in ground temperature


Arti Jadav
New Member
I am running the CAM simulation in single column mode. I am using the CESM2.1.2
When I use the namelist parameter "scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg = .true.", I get the following error message during the build

" ERROR: in validate_variable_value (package Build::Namelist): Variable name scm_iop_lhflxshflxtg has values that does NOT match any of the valid values: iop eulc slt off. "

Also, when I use "scm_iop_Tg = .true.", the value of the surface temperature in the model output is different than in the IOP file with a bias of about 10 Kelvin at the start of the run.


Also, which source file is used for the surface radiation calculation in the SCAM model ?
Can you please, help me with this.

Best Regards,
Arti Jadav


Shuaiqi Tang
New Member
I also got similar error when using "scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg = .true." in create_scam6_iop. But I can add this line in atm_in in the run folder after creating the directory, then re-run the model. It gives consistent Tg in model and forcing data.