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CAM6-Chem crashed on 12/31/2015-01/01/2016


Yaoxian Huang
New Member
Hi, we used CESM v2.1.3 CAM6-Chem to run simulation from 01/01/2014-01/01/2016 at the horizontal resolution of 0.9x1.25, using compost "FCSD", with nudged met. data sets from MERRA-2. We were able to run the model until 12/31/2015. However, the model crashed on the last time step of simulation on the beginning of 01/01/2016, which made the whole year simulation of 2015 fail. I suspected it was related to the emission date from CEDS because it is only available until 2015 (actually 2014, and 2015 may be the same with 2014). I am wondering how we can resolve this issue? Any suggestion will be great. Thank you.