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Can't get input file when running FCSD

koichi omi

New Member
I tried the simulation in the following setting.
compset : FCSD
resolution : f09_f09_mg17

When executing this simulation, the following error occurred.

(GETFIL): attempting to find local file MERRA2_0.9x1.25_20050105.nc
(GETFIL): all tries to get file have been unsuccessful:
GETFIL: FAILED to get /fefs2/data/o/o052/CESM_DATA/inputdata/atm/cam/met/MERRA2

I think this is the input file problem.
Since I executed this simulation where the internet connection is not allowed, I have to download this required file manually.
But I cannot find this input file in https://svn-ccsm-inputdata.cgd.ucar.edu/trunk/inputdata/atm/cam/met/MERRA2/0.9x1.25/2005/.
Please tell me how to get this file.