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Case Run Error


New Member

I'm currently running a case and I get the error (from Case Status):
case.run error
ERROR: RUN FAIL: Command 'mpiexec_mpt -p "%g:" -np 384 omplace -tm open64 /glade/scratch/hsalah/ECLIPSE2014_3/bld/cesm.exe >> cesm.log.$LID 2>&1 ' failed
See log file for details: /glade/scratch/hsalah/ECLIPSE2014_3/run/cesm.log.8093334.chadmin1.ib0.cheyenne.ucar.edu.210510-102131

In the cesm stdout spews this error from all the tasks: ERROR: Unknown error submitted to shr_abort_abort

I do not know how to fix this error, any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


Jesse Nusbaumer
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Hi hsalah,

It looks your model failure was caused by this error that was output to the atm.log file in your run directory:
FIND_TIMES: Failed to find dates bracketing desired time =
datatm = 731947.750000000
datatp = 731947.875000000
all_data_times = 731947.000000000 731947.125000000
731947.250000000 731947.375000000 731947.500000000
731947.625000000 731947.750000000 731947.875000000

This error occurred in the specified dynamics section of the code. I don't know exactly what your simulation set-up is, but hopefully that error provides the info you need?

Also, the abort message should have provided at least some information, so I am opening an official issue so that future versions of the model output a specific message when this error occurs.

Hope that helps, and have a great day!