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CESM 2.2.0 build error

Shreya Bhowmick

Shreya Bhowmick
New Member
Hello everyone,

I am trying to install CESM2.2.0 where CESM1.2.2 is already installed and running perfectly. I am getting a build error which I am unable to figure out. The error log files are attached below. Can anyone please help me with a solution?

Thank you for your time!
With regards,


  • mct.bldlog.230823-172218.txt
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  • config.log.txt
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CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
It looks like your intel compiler install may be incomplete.

configure:2559: ./conftest
./conftest: symbol lookup error: ./conftest: undefined symbol: __intel_avx_memmove
configure:2563: $? = 127
configure:2570: error: in `/mnt/HDD/MODEL/CESM2/SCRATCH/FHIST/bld/intel/mpich/nodebug/nothreads/mct/mct':

Are you able to compile a simple test program with this compiler? You might try mpiicx instead of mpiicc.
Also if you are just migrating to cesm2, I recommend using either cesm2.1.4 or the latest cesm2.3 beta - currently: cesm2.3.0beta16