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CESM resolution problem


Montasir Maruf
I was trying to run CTSM cases and looking for 27 km resolution model. I tried this one (./create_newcase --case /glade/u/home/maruf/CLM_test4 --compset I2000Ctsm50NwpBgcCropGswp --res f10_f10_musgs) and found the resolution is very low. Since f10_f10 is not working for me, what can I change for 27 km resolution model run.

Thank you!!


Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
The list of supported resolutions depends on the CESM release version. "f10_f10_musgs" is one of the coarsest resolutions with cells that are 10 degrees in latitude and 15 degrees in longitude. To get a list of resolutions you can use the "query_config" tool with "--grids" to list all the possible supported resolutions. Note, that CTSM datasets are not provided for every one of those resolutions however. And we don't have a 27 km resolution option available out of the box. As a matter of fact you are likely going to need to a create surface dataset if you need to run at something near that resolution. The CTSM User's Guide talks about how to create surface datasets. A resolution that would be close to what you want is the quarter degree resolution (for example f02_g17). But, most likely you will need to create surface datasets for it.