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CESM2.1.3 for LGM

Dear all, I have done LGM simulations using cesm1. I was wondering, is it possible to do it with CESM2.1.3?
For instance, do we need new river runoff data for LGM?
I see there is no LGM output for LGM in CMIP6 data pool, only 127k simulation is available.

Thanks very much


New Member
CESM2 LGM simulation is being set up by the Paleoclimate Working Group and other groups. There is not ETA for when it can be used for scientific applications, as it is a difficult simulation to set up.


Nicolas Cosentino
New Member
Hi all,
I would like to ask if there have been any updates on this topic since the last response (August 2020). I have CESM2.1.3 installed at my university, and we would like to perform LGM experiments. However, as we learned in Zhu et al. (2021, Geophysical Research Letters), performing LGM experiments with CAM6 in CESM2 can lead to an unrealistically low global mean temperature decrease. Is it possible to run LGM experiments using CAM5 in CESM2.1.3?

Thanks in advance,