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CESM2-CAM5 with pre-industrial forcing


Casey Patrizio
New Member

I am trying to run CESM2 with CAM5 and preindustrial forcing using the following component set:


However, when I build the case I get the following error:

err=CAM build-namelist - ERROR: invalid value of use_case (1850_cam5) specified in commandline

Does this mean that CAM5 can not be run with preindustrial forcing?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Alison Banks
New Member

I am having a similar issue, only with use_case (2006-2100_cam5_rcp85) in CESM2.1.0 for component set BRCP85C5L45BGC. Any help would be appreciated.
(@cpatrizio, do you have a fix for this?)




Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
It just means that there is not a use-case for 1850 and CAM5. For cam5 there is only a use case for 1850-2005 and aquaplanet. For both cam4 and cam6 there are 1850 and other use-cases. You might be able to set it up with a cam4 or cam6 compset, and then change the cam physics version by changing the "-phys" option in CAM_CONFIG_OPTS.