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CLM4.5 in CESM1.2.2 compile error

Hello CLM Developers,
I am encountering the following error on my .build script for a
-compset I20TRCRUCLM45CN -res f09_g16

/users/jbuzan/cesm1_2_2/models/lnd/clm/src/clm4_5/biogeophys/FracWetMod.F90(85): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [PPS]

frac_veg_nosno => pps%frac_veg_nosno


I do not understand this error. I check the .F90 file:

! Assign local pointers to derived subtypes components (pft-level)
frac_veg_nosno => pps%frac_veg_nosno

and the line is just a pointer. Perhaps someone knows what is going on?

Hi Everyone,

I have found the error. My upload code to the Sourcemods/src.clm directory. The code updates I have are for CESM1.2.0, but I am using CESM1.2.2. I didn't realize that there was a fairly large difference between the modules I have modified and CESM1.2.2. I am working on a solution now.