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configuration issue (cesm_setup) in ice files?

Hi CESM helpers! I am having a problem setting up a basic CESM run that I think is due to the cice namelist not being created.  When running cesm_setup, I get this output: Macros script already created ...skipping
Machine/Decomp/Pes configuration has already been done ...skipping
Running preview_namelist script
CAM writing dry deposition namelist to drv_flds_in
CAM writing namelist to atm_in
CLM configure done.
CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var sim_year with val 1850
CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var sim_year_range with val constant
CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var use_case_desc with val Conditions to simulate 1850 land-use
CICE configure done.
build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for grid_file
user defined attributes:
Died at /net/san-a1-ib/data/keeling/a/wlchapma/source/CESM/cesm1_1_1/models/ice/cice/bld/build-namelist line 708.
ERROR: cice.buildnml.csh failed Also, check_input_data says it has all the data it needs, but I don't see any ice data.  Maybe none is needed?./check_input_data -check -inputdata /data/j-walsh2/a/wlchapma/data/CESM/INPUTDATA/F19Input Data List Files Found:
./Buildconf/clm.input_data_list I'm using the f19_f19 grid in the create_newcase command. Thanks for any help on this. - Bill 


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Bill,You should know better than to use prescribed ice. ;) There is a bug in the inputdata check that doesn't retrieve all of the data for the CICE model. If you edit $CODEROOT/models/ice/cice/bld/build-namelist and delete the following two lines from this script, it should work. You can also manually check the ice_in file and svn export the relevant files.Dave===================================================================--- build-namelist    (revision 46739)+++ build-namelist    (working copy) @@ -823,8 +827,6 @@         }         }     }-    close OUTFILE if defined $inputdata_rootdir;-    return 0 if defined $inputdata_rootdir;     } } 
Hi David,    Today I've met the same problem as Bill's. I deleted the two lines as you told, but cesm_setup still doesn't work. And check_inputdata can not found ice_in files.    The create_newcase process is :-user_compset 2000_CAM5_SLND_CICE_DOCN%SOM_SROF_SGLC_SWAV -res f19_f19    Thanks for help. -------------------------------------    CAM writing dry deposition namelist to drv_flds_in CAM writing namelist to atm_in CICE configure done.build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for grid_fileuser defined attributes:Died at /work/zhxc_work/cesm1_2_1/models/ice/cice/bld/build-namelist line 708.ERROR: cice.buildnml.csh failedERROR: /work/zhxc_work/cesm1_2_1/scripts/f19f19FSOMI/preview_namelists failed: 25344  


CSEG and Liaisons
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There are several issues here. First, this is not a supported compset and you need to work this out on your own. Second, this grid combination f19_f19 is not supported for SOM mode. Third, you need to read the FAQ for the SOM at: