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configure error in compset B_1850_BGC-BPRP

I am trying to runcesm1_0_4 in res T31_gx3v7 for the compset B_1850_BGC-BPRP with the following env_mach_pes.xml changes

but configure failed for:
cice decomp not set for gx3v7 on 32 x 1 procs

I have tried insted 32, 24, 36, 64 but the same message.

How do I go about it please reply.


New Member
I have changed entry this line > entry id="CICE_AUTO_DECOMP" value="true" from env_mach_pes.xml.
id="CICE_AUTO_DECOMP" value="false"

and it seems to be good.