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Driving CESM with Fixed SST file "error"

Hello CESM Users,

I am attempting to drive CAM with an SST file.
I modified the user_nl_docn file with:
streams = '/scratch/snx3000/jbuzan/modified_inputdata/Merz_files/Merz/ctrl_LGM_SST_0.9x1.25_m_251-285_final.nc'

Then execute ./cesm_setup
I cd into the Buildconf/ and cat docn.input_data_list:

domain1 = /scratch/snx3000/jbuzan/inputdata/ocn/docn7/domain.ocn.1x1.111007.nc
file1 = /scratch/snx3000/jbuzan/inputdata/atm/cam/sst/sst_HadOIBl_bc_1x1_clim_pi_c101029.nc
domainfile = /scratch/snx3000/jbuzan/inputdata/share/domains/domain.ocn.gx1v6.090206.nc

The SST file was not replaced with my ctrl_LGM_SST_0.9x1.25_m_251-285_final.nc SST file. I try to replace 'streams' with 'file1' and the ./cesm_setup does not recognize the variable name.
I am not sure what command I am supposed to use.

Thanks for your help!
-Jonathan R. Buzan
Climate and Environmental Physics
Physics Institute
Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research
University of Bern
Sidlerstrasse 5
3012 Bern, Switzerland
I keep running into the same error:

Opened existing file
1-01.R05_simyr1850_c130515.nc 23
forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Read

dtime_sync= 1800 dtime_clm= 1800 mod = 0
(lnd_init_mct) :Atmospheric input is from a prognostic model

(seq_mct_drv) : Initialize atm component ATM
(seq_mct_drv) : Initialize lnd component LND
(seq_mct_drv) : Initialize rof component ROF
(seq_mct_drv) : Initialize ocn component OCN

(docn_comp_init) ocn_in = docn_ocn_in
(docn_comp_init) decomp = 1d
(docn_comp_init) restfilm = undefined
(docn_comp_init) restfils = undefined
(shr_strdata_readnml) reading input namelist file: docn_ocn_in

(Rtmini) :: Success
Snow capping will flow out in frozen river runoff

36 soa_a1&IC kg/kg 30 I soa_a1
37 soa_a2&IC kg/kg 30 I soa_a2

> cat docn_ocn_in
datamode = 'SSTDATA'
domainfile = '/scratch/snx3000/jbuzan/inputdata/share/domains/domain.ocn.gx1v6.090206.nc'
fillalgo = 'nn'
fillmask = 'nomask'
mapalgo = 'bilinear'
mapmask = 'dstmask'
streams = 'SST'
taxmode = 'cycle'
tintalgo = 'linear'