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Enabling the GREGORIAN calendar in NOEVOLVE


DART is unable to use most supported compsets, FHIST in particular,
because it needs to use the gregorian calendar, but CISM2 cannot use it(according to the error message I get).
I'm hoping that it could be enabled easily in just the NOEVOLVE flavor,
since, presumably, much less of the CISM code is involved in that case.What are the plans for this?Thanks,Kevin Raeder


Bill Sacks
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
When I looked into this, it seemed unfortunately non-trivial to make this work even for NOEVOLVE. There are plans to allow CISM to work with a Gregorian calendar at some point, but for now the recommended solution is to replace CISM2%NOEVOLVE with SGLC. This operates basically the same in the CESM2 release code and more recent development code, except that (1) there are some small differences in glacier area and elevation over Greenland and (2) you won't get surface mass balance diagnostics downscaled to the high-resolution CISM grid over Greenland.


Thanks for the quick reply!I'm not surprised that my top hope is not possible,but it's good to hear that SGLC is a very good 2nd choice.