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Error building FHIST case


New Member
We managed to build successfully the FHIST run on a pc but the limited computational resources caused the run to crash, So we attempted to port it on an HPC.
I have error building FHIST case on 72 core HPC, with gnu compilers and mpich, with the latest cesm2 version:
./create_newcase --compset FHIST --res f09_f09_mg17 --case ~/my_cesm_cases/FHIST_gnu_mpich --machine homebrew
I got this error
siac built in 1.278342 seconds
sesp built in 1.275576 seconds
swav built in 1.296645 seconds
docn built in 2.207968 seconds
mosart built in 6.813868 seconds
cice built in 20.210901 seconds
Error: BOZ literal constant at (1) is neither a data-stmt-constant nor an actual argument to INT, REAL, DBLE, or CMPLX intrinsic function [see ‘-fno-allow-invalid-boz’]

Error: Symbol ‘gen_hash_key_offset’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type; did you mean ‘gen_hash_key’?

cam built in 26.193209 seconds
cism built in 57.125405 seconds
ERROR: BUILD FAIL: cam.buildlib failed, cat /home/lis/projects/scratch/FHIST_gnu_mpich/bld/atm.bldlog.210404-175638
please find the log file and the config files attached:
UP - Google Drive
So please help me find what went wrong