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Error during output history files as a 1D-vector of all land-units and vegetation types

Dear All

When I output history files as a 1D-vector with setting hist_dov2xy = .false. , the model (CLM4.5 in CESM1.2.2) suddenly stopped after normally running for five years. However, there is no problem when i output history files as 2D grid (hist_dov2xy = .true.). The information in cesm.log is:
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
cesm.exe           0000000001475319  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           0000000001473C90  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           000000000142D2E2  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           00000000013C44B3  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           00000000013CDF6B  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread.so.0    00002AECA6A33710  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           0000000000D3D527  piodarray_mp_writ         616  piodarray.F90.in
cesm.exe           0000000000D39631  piodarray_mp_writ         205  piodarray.F90.in
cesm.exe           00000000006B6D3D  ncdio_pio_mp_ncd_        2308  ncdio_pio.F90
cesm.exe           00000000005CDE41  histfilemod_mp_hf        2554  histFileMod.F90
cesm.exe           00000000005C2679  histfilemod_mp_hi        3044  histFileMod.F90
cesm.exe           00000000005017E4  clm_driver_mp_clm         833  clm_driver.F90
cesm.exe           00000000004C0086  lnd_comp_mct_mp_l         589  lnd_comp_mct.F90
cesm.exe           000000000040C8D3  ccsm_comp_mod_mp_        3281  ccsm_comp_mod.F90
cesm.exe           000000000042C9FB  MAIN__                     91  ccsm_driver.F90
cesm.exe           0000000000409446  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libc.so.6          00002AECA6C5FD5D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
cesm.exe           0000000000409339  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

No error information can be found in other logs (e.g. lnd.log, cpl.log). Can anybody give some suggestion?