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Errors in porting CESM2.1.2 into local machine

I was trying to port the CESM2.1.2 into my local machine. I had the following error when I created the case:

$CESM_ROOT/cime/scripts/create_newcase --case FCSD_TOARII --mach dogwood --res f09_f09_mg17 --compset FCSD

cesm model version found: release-cesm2.1.2
Batch_system_type is slurm
ERROR: Command: '/usr/bin/xmllint --noout --schema /nas/longleaf/home/yuqiangz/dogwood_home/cesm2_1_2/cime/config/xml_schemas/config_batch.xsd /nas/longleaf/home/yuqiangz/dogwood_home/cesm2_1_2/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_batch.xml' failed with error '/nas/longleaf/home/yuqiangz/dogwood_home/cesm2_1_2/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_batch.xml:555: element queue: Schemas validity error : Element 'queue': '528_queue' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:NCName'.
/nas/longleaf/home/yuqiangz/dogwood_home/cesm2_1_2/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_batch.xml fails to validate' from dir '/nas/longleaf/home/yuqiangz/dogwood_home/cesm2_1_2'

So in our school's policy, we have several large queues for us to use, named "528_queue", "2112_queue". However, it looks like "config_batch.xsd" will not allow digits in the queue name. I did a test by replacing "528_queue" with "debug_queue", which has much less nodes and only available for debug purpose, the codes compiled successfully. So how can I turn off the error messages in "config_batch.xsd"? Well, I could change my queue setting each time after I successfully compiled my case. However, I want to solve it once for all.

Thanks for your help!


Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
OK, this is an interesting problem. The problem that schema doesn't like is that the name of the queue begins with a digit. I found this by Googling the definition of NCName and found this article on stack-overflow...

So what you can do is edit the schema in


So that the queue name is a less restrictive type rather than a NCName. You probably need to replace it with xs:string, which is used for many of the variables.