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Example for course/student

Hi! I have a student who wants to look at the sensitivity of sea ice in the model.  I can't seem to find any examples in the tutorials I have looked at, and I'm afraid that's one part of the model I've never messed much with.
Can someone think of a quick/easy change to the model or initial conditions that would be a good sensitivity test for a student to do? Thanks much,Natalie


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Hi Natalie,We do have some samples in the tutorial of sensitivity experiments with the CICE model. I'm not sure what you are thinking of exactly, but one common thing we do is tweak the surface albedos. With the newer radiation code, it is actually the inherent optical properties of snow, bare ice, and ponds that we tweak. For example, with the snow we have the following:1. R_snwThis is the number of standard deviations away from the default nonmelting snow grain effective radius where:Rsnw_nm = R_snw_base - R_snw*Std_snwwith the constraint Rsnw_fresh