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FC5 compset on CESM2.2.0


Héctor Inda-Díaz
New Member

I am trying to build a new case using FC5 compset (F_2000_CAM5), for a Sandy Hurricane forecast test case. I get this error when I use the create_newcase script:

ERROR: Invalid compset name, FC5, all stub components generated

Does anyone know how could I use the FC5 compset in cesm2.2.0?



Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Use the "query_config" tool to query what valid compsets are in a given version. The above compset isn't listed in the config_compsets.xml file for CAM. So you can either add it in, or use the long-name syntax for compsets to create a case with it. Or you can create a case with an existing compset that's close to and then change some of the XML settings to get the kind of case that you want.