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How to Calibrate Model?


New Member
Dear All,

Here I am working on Hydrological models. So I am simulating the ET, Runoff, Soil Moisture etc. variables. Runoff and Soil moisture I am getting good. But I am facing a little bit problem in Et simulation. I am working Over Indian regions. But getting ET hight in May that is not accurate as per theory. Here I have enclosed the graphical representation of ET and Rainfall. Please suggest how I can calibrate it accurately. What are the calibration parameters available in CLM Model?

Looking for the response.

Thank you.


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Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
If you are concerned about the timing of peak ET, then you might look at the phenology in the model (the seasonal cycle of LAI), if you are using BGC mode as opposed to SP mode.