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  1. X

    How to modify the source code?

    Hi, Recently I have been trying to modify some of the CLM code to see the impact on the results. I was interested in soil carbon, so I tried to deal with the decomposition of soil carbon, and I did a simple test. Created a CASE - I2000Clm50Cn first, and then I copied...
  2. C

    How to run regional experiments using CESM (coupled CAM and CLM)?

    Hi, I am new to use CESM. I want to use CESM to run high resolution (0.1 degree) regional simulation using the CLM5-BGC-crop coupled with CAM in Europe. But I did not find step-by-step user guide from CESM official website. And I am not sure whether I must use variable resolution CESM. It is...
  3. H

    Compset question

    Dear all, We are trying to replace the land cover/use (LCLU) map in the CLM in 1984 and 2014, respectively, using high-resolution/accuracy LCLU derived from remotely sensed data. Then we want to run two experiments: (1) a 30-year run with 1984 LCLU data and (2) a 30-year run with 2014 LCLU...
  4. K

    CESM-LME - CLM Version/Irrigation

    Hello - I have a few clarifying questions regarding the CESM Last Millennium Ensemble simulations ( 1) I have been advised in the past to look at CLM 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0 tech notes to better understand how the land use / land cover changes impact river...
  5. C

    use SpinupStability_v10.ncl can't find the "TOTECOSYSC" variable

    Hi,all! I try to use the SpinupStability_v10.ncl to evaluate the state for Spinup model. But i got the information "fatal:No valid instance of variable TOTECOSYSC found in file list" and "fatal:["Execute.c":8637]:Execute: Error occurred at or near line 166 in file SpinupStability_v10.ncl"...
  6. C

    How to calculate the surface temperature in CESM2.1.3

    Hi,all, I want to know how to calculate the surface temperature(TSA) in CLM so that I can find the factors related to surface temperature(It's like the effect and control of wind speed and low clouds on surface temperature) I don't know where to find the code and the formulate. Any note or...
  7. Y

    How to run CESM1.2.1 with Data Land model (CLM_DLND)?

    Hi all, I want to prescribe land surface temperature to drive the model, just like prescribe the SST. Hence I first run a 2-years control F_2000 experiment to output cpl hist files ( and in so-called "DLND_CPLHIST_DIR". Then I used these cpl hist...
  8. E

    Problem with user_nl_datm

    Dear, All I'm trying to run CTSM model on LEVANTE cluster with my daily forcing, but I have several problems: 1. I don't understand why I have these Errors. However, I checked data and I have them into the folder. Also there is no problems with LND_DOMAIN_PATH and LND_DOMAIN_FILE. 2. When I'm...
  9. C

    ERROR: Unknown error submitted to shr_abort_abort When CESM2.1.3 RUN

    Hi! everyone. I got a ERROR: Unknown error submitted to shr_abort_abort When CESM2.1.3 RUN. The log file in the attachment. I spin up 50years and change the surfdata in CASE test612 ,see the posthow-to-generate-surface-datasets-using-my-own-land-use-data. Now, I create a new CASE test620 and...
  10. D

    CLM case "BGC_spinup" run error

    Hello everyone, I've been encountering an issue while trying to practise the "BGC_spinup" case on the website When I submit case "BGC_spinup", the...
  11. Y

    Whether the model can run over regional areas when RTM/MOSART is activate

    I am trying to run with my own regional 0.5*0.5 degree resolution based on the I1850CLM45CN compset, set RTM_MODE=ACTIVE. I used the "ncks" command to clip the global rdirc file to the area I am run trying to run on Many errors occurred when the model is actually run... So I want to know...
  12. J

    Error in entering/exiting spinup when running CESM2.1.3 with compset BC5L45BGC.

    Hi, everyone, I'm running CESM2.1.3 with the defined compset BC5L45BGC (longname: 2000_CAM50_CLM45%BGC_CICE_POP2_MOSART_SGLC_SWAV). After submitting the job, the model encountered an error stating "Error in entering/exiting spinup. spinup_state != restart_file_spinup_state, but do not know what...
  13. jgx

    Variables can be output by running CLM5

    Hi, I would like to know what variables can be output by running CLM5, and where can I find the information
  14. B

    How to turn off the transfer of CO2 from ATM to LND

    Dear All, I am running two FHIST_BGC cases to study the impact of LULCC on radiative forcing of GHGs in global, without considering their feedback. This needs GHGs to be sent from the land to the atmosphere, and not from the atmosphere to the land. The default CCSM_BGC = CO2A, it says "adds...
  15. J

    How to change the radiation reflected by the surface to the atmosphere

    Dear all, I would like to modify the radiation reflected by the surface to the atmosphere. Where should I change the code? Thanks very much
  16. K

    Branching off a run with modified land restart files

    Hello, I want to do a set of AGCM abrupt4xCO2+uniform 4K SST warming large ensemble simulation branching off from a control run. The goal of this experiment is to look at the instant atmosphere circulation responses to both SST warming and directive radiative forcing, so changes in every hours...
  17. W

    How to get model compset and input data used by CESM experiment submitted to the GCB2021 report?

    Dear all, I found that CLM was one of the participants submitting simulation results for the Global Carbon Budget 2021 (GCB2021) report. Now, I want to do some experiments (e.g., Modify some input data and re-run the model to find out the impacts of changing these inputs) based on the existing...
  18. R

    ERROR: In UpdateState_TopLayerFluxes, h2osoi_ice has gone significantly negative

    HI, I'm getting the following reproducible error in CAM while running a CAM6 f09 FHIST case with cam_cesm2_2_rel_03 (I think). Oddly it is able to run over 10 years before this error. The modifications I make are 1) using coupled CESM2 SSTs and sea ice rather than observed and 2) masking out the...
  19. D

    CTSM CLM standalone runs error

    git describe ctsm5.1.dev105 ./manage_externals/checkout_externals --status --verbose Processing externals description file : Externals.cfg Processing externals description file : Externals_CLM.cfg Processing externals description file : Externals_CISM.cfg Processing externals description file ...
  20. samrabin

    CLM output latitudes

    With the 15° longitude x 10° latitude grid (f10_f10_mg37), CLM output files have 360/15 = 24 longitudes, and they are as I would expect for a lower-left alignment (0, 15, …, 345). But there are 19 latitudes instead of 180/10 = 18, with latitudes -90, -80, …, -10, 0, 10, …, 80, 90. The...