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  1. X

    how to output a 3D(pft, lat, lon) local variable as histfield and read it again

    Hi, I want to output a 3D(pft, lat, lon) local variable as histfield and read it again. for example, the local variable, named "rh_can" in subroutine PhotosynthesisHydraulicStress of PhotosynthesisMod.F90. the version of CESM is 2.1.3. the script of creating case is: ./create_newcase --compset...
  2. A

    How to Calibrate Model?

    Dear All, Here I am working on Hydrological models. So I am simulating the ET, Runoff, Soil Moisture etc. variables. Runoff and Soil moisture I am getting good. But I am facing a little bit problem in Et simulation. I am working Over Indian regions. But getting ET hight in May that is not...
  3. U

    CNDV spunup and its output

    Hi, I have several questions about CNDV. 1) In the CLM4.0 User's Guide Documentation example4-4, the modal provide spunup files. Does this file always exist in CLM? 2) Do spunup files get the CLMCN model to a steady state? 3)Following the steps given in Example4-4, I calculated 200 years, ①but...
  4. W

    what is the difference between input data and forcing data for a coupled model run in CESM1.2.2

    Running a coupled model with F compset and two different CAM physics downloaded its input data from the server. Now, i have few questions for some clarification before analyzing them. 1- Suppose my model is already in a balance state with appropriate recommended spin-up, do i need any extra...
  5. T

    Running CLM single-point mode with net radiation data instead of incident solar radiation

    I would like to force my single-point CLM model with net radiation data instead of incident solar radiation data. Can anybody help me how to do that? I have looked through the user giudes, but I do not find the answer. Regards Tanja Denager
  6. A

    Error during Model run clm

    Dear all, I am getting following error. I am running ot for my 1 basin. I have created the data-sets. I have crosschecked land and atmospheric data-sets are in same dimension. but getting this error how we can resolve this please help me regarding this. Error: (full log file has been enclosed...
  7. A

    Error during model compiling (clm 3.0)

    Dear all, facing problem in compiling the model. here i have enclosed the log-file and terminal error screen shot. Please help me regards. Anuj Prakash
  8. A

    #GNUMAKE error (CLM 3.0)

    Dear all, I am working over clm 3.0 model and trying to setup the model. I am facing problem in model compilation I getting error when i am running make file using gnumake, gmake etc. Here i have attached a screenshot of problem. Please help me regarding. Thanks Anuj Prakash
  9. sacks

    CESM2.0.z: In transient cases without prognostic crops (including satellite phenology cases), %crop stays fixed at 1850 values

    In CESM2.0.z: In transient cases without prognostic crops, %crop stays fixed at 1850 values, rather than changing each year. This affects CLM45 and CLM50 transient compsets without 'Crop' in their name; specifically the following (compsets in bold are ones that were listed as scientifically...
  10. erik

    CESM1.2.z: for CLM4.5: Important Bad interpretation of maximum rate constant for soil water content in SoilbiogeochemDecompCasc

    The following reference was interpreted wrongly in terms of the maximum rate of soil respiration. This issue goes back to the introduction of CLM4.5 ! calculate the rate constant scalar for soil water content. ! Uses the log relationship with water potential given in <br />! Andren, O...
  11. A

    CESM1.2.z - Minor -- lake hydrology bug when sudden intense snowstorm occurs preceeded by warm weather.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1717) For CLM4.5, I found one error that is not just a typo but also shows up in a rarely exercised portion of the code (most likely a sudden very intense snowstorm-- ~8 cm/hr -- preceded by warmer weather) in SLakeHydrology, where the top lake layer...
  12. A

    CESM1.2.z - Minor -- false overestimation of fire C emissions for natural vegetation PFTs without transient land-use change.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1719) Details and a fix are included in the bugzilla report.
  13. A

    CESM1.2.z - Problem with an initial file used in CROP simulations.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1753) The file clmi.ICRUCLM45BGCCROPmp24.0241-01-01.1.9x2.5_g1v6_simyr2000_c130515.nc was interpolated using interpinic for CROP simulations. But, because of Bug 1725, interpinic gave a file that has CROP NOT spunup, but starting up from bare soil. So we...
  14. A

    CESM1.2.z - clm4_0_60 interpinic fails to properly map from 1.9x2.5 to the 360x720 grid for CRUNCEP.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1634) It will map to other high resolutions like: ne120np4, 0.23x0.31, 0.47x0.61 however. The problem is that it does the mapping, but puts garbage data values (like e317) in some fields that the program does NOT touch. They happen to be very important...
  15. A

    CESM1.2.z - For CLM4.0, the RCP 8.5 file pftdyn for f09 was NOT correctly updated.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1759) - New good wood harvest is missing from some of the clm40 rcp datasets. A fix was provided in CESM1.1.2 but was not included in CESM1.2.1. In will be fixed in the next CESM1.2.z release.
  16. A

    CESM1.2.z - Issue with CLM45CNDV trees over Amazon.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1776) - When running CLM45CNDV model (compset: ICLM45CNDV) and after running 400 years, there are no trees in the Amazon. ICNDV works all fine.The behavior has been attributed to Gordon's physiology changes to the model that improve the GPP simulation. This...
  17. A

    CESM1.2.z - There is a bug in clm4.5 fire model connected to fpftdyn/=' '

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1805) - Details included in the bugzilla report.
  18. A

    CESM1.2.z - For both CLM4.0 and CLM4.5, crop GDD is incorrect for the first ~20 years.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.zFixed in upcoming CESM1.2.2 release.(Bugzilla 1815) - Details and a fix are explained in the bugzilla report.
  19. A

    CESM1.2.z - The population density is set to 1850 for 2000_control namelist use-cases.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z (Bugzilla 1838) This is true in the cesm1_2_0 release as well as the latest CLM. population density is set to 1850 for 2000_control namelist use-cases. This is due to a bad setting in the following directories... lnd/clm/bld/namelist_files/use_cases...
  20. A

    CESM1.2.z - irrigated soybean not treated same as rainfed soybean

    Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1867) In modifying the clm to introduce tropical crop pfts, I have come across the following problem:The if-statements in biogeochem/CNAllocationMod.F90 and biogeochem/CNNDynamicsMod.F90 that check for soybean do not include the option for irrigated...