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    case.submit ERROR: RUN FAIL: command

    Dear all, I am trying to submit a case created using compset 'ISSP126Clm50BgcCrop' in the containized docker version of CESM. The only setting I changed was the DIN_LOC_ROOT. The case create, setup, and build processes were ok. Here I attached the cesm.log file, FYI. Thank you!
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    addco2_user_nl_datm.user_nl is missing, how do I edit the user_nl_datm for a transcient CO2 PTCLM case?

    I'm not entirely sure if this should go in the CLM or DATM forums, so apologies if I've guessed wrong. I'm trying to run PTCLM5.0 with transcient atmospheric CO2 concentrations. As per this guide, these are the steps I have taken...
  3. D

    Details about the prescribed aerosol deposition data in 2000 in CLM?

    I found the prescribed aerosol deposition data in 2000: “”. Does anyone know any information about its used model/accuracy or any reference about this file? I also found a regridded version I also found a higher resolution version...
  4. Y

    The definition of clm's 'sand' and 'clay' variables in wrf

    Dear all, I try to add a new variable to the clm of wrf, called 'rock', which will work together with 'sand' and 'clay' in the parameterization. In wrf, the module_sf_clm.F file contains all the modules of clm. I need to define 'rock' in it and refer to the existing 'sand' and 'clay'. I found...
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    Difference of PCT_GLACIER/PCT_GLC_GIC/PCT_GLC_ICESHEET in surfdata?

    I am using CESM1.2.2 with CLM4.0 physics and would like to modify the surface data input. I came across two variables that seem to exist only in CISM-enabled CLM surfdata file, namely PCT_GLC_GIC and PCT_GLC_ICESHEET. One would assume that PCT_GLACIER=PCT_GLC_GIC+PCT_GLC_ICESHEET. However it...
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    Difference between TS (surface temperature, radiative, CAM) and TG (ground temperature, CLM)?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to inquire about the difference between surface temperature (radiative) and ground temperature? The first one is TS from CAM while the second is TG from CLM. More specifically, I am currently using CESM1.2.2 with CAM4 and CAM5. Somebody seems to have asked this before...
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    gen_domain.F90 make error:macro names must be identifiers

    When I try to get a executable gen_domain file, I entered into following directory and type "make": $CIMEROOT/tools/mapping/gen_domain_files/src So I try to make a macro.make file by typing: ./configure --macros-format Makefile --mpilib mpi-serial and it still displays the error: macro names...
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    Output of SMB in CLM4.5 F-compset runs

    Hi everyone, I am trying to have CLM4.5 (within CESM1.2.2) output surface mass balance in the Himalayas. However, it seems that CLM in default will only calculate SMB for runs coupled with CISM. One concern is that f05 resolution seems to be unsupported out of box with CESM runs with CISM such...
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    Build Error for Arctic-Boreal CLM

    Hi, I'm running PTCLM at a site in the Arctic, and I would like to apply the changes outlined in Birch et al (2021), and see what impact this has on the things I'm interested in. The process I have followed so far is as follows; 1. Downloaded the zip file from Zendoto (lmbirch89/CTSM: Arctic...
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    Modify surface albedo

    Dear CESM team, Hello,I want to modify the surface albedo of some regions, how do I need to modify in the source code. It will be very appreciated if anyone could guide me on how to implement modifications (mentioned above). Thank you very much! Best, jia liu
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    Changing Q10 in user_nl_clm

    Hi, I'm running PTCLM with the 2000_DATM%1PT_CLM50%BGC_SICE_SOCN_MOSART_SGLC_SWAV compset, and I want to change the Q10 value for frozen and unfrozen soils. I can change the q10 for frozen soil by adding froz_q10=newvalue to the end of my user_nl_clm file, but when I add Q10=newvalue (to...
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    which .f90 file is to read netcdf file

    I am a new for CLM and CESM. Now I want to read a new netcdf file(.nc) to memery to involve in CLM compute. So I want to know which .f90 file is to do it. Thanks! It seems that the ncdio_pio.f90 file is to write the .nc file, but I want to read .nc file.
  13. D error

    I am trying an out of box CLM run from 1.5.5. Spinup of CLM5.0-BGC-Crop — ctsm CTSM master documentation proceeded with ./ then received build error Building case in directory /home/clm/cime/scripts/BGC_spinup sharedlib_only is False model_only is False Generating component...
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    how to output a 3D(pft, lat, lon) local variable as histfield and read it again

    Hi, I want to output a 3D(pft, lat, lon) local variable as histfield and read it again. for example, the local variable, named "rh_can" in subroutine PhotosynthesisHydraulicStress of PhotosynthesisMod.F90. the version of CESM is 2.1.3. the script of creating case is: ./create_newcase --compset...
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    How to Calibrate Model?

    Dear All, Here I am working on Hydrological models. So I am simulating the ET, Runoff, Soil Moisture etc. variables. Runoff and Soil moisture I am getting good. But I am facing a little bit problem in Et simulation. I am working Over Indian regions. But getting ET hight in May that is not...
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    CNDV spunup and its output

    Hi, I have several questions about CNDV. 1) In the CLM4.0 User's Guide Documentation example4-4, the modal provide spunup files. Does this file always exist in CLM? 2) Do spunup files get the CLMCN model to a steady state? 3)Following the steps given in Example4-4, I calculated 200 years, ①but...
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    what is the difference between input data and forcing data for a coupled model run in CESM1.2.2

    Running a coupled model with F compset and two different CAM physics downloaded its input data from the server. Now, i have few questions for some clarification before analyzing them. 1- Suppose my model is already in a balance state with appropriate recommended spin-up, do i need any extra...
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    Running CLM single-point mode with net radiation data instead of incident solar radiation

    I would like to force my single-point CLM model with net radiation data instead of incident solar radiation data. Can anybody help me how to do that? I have looked through the user giudes, but I do not find the answer. Regards Tanja Denager
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    Error during Model run clm

    Dear all, I am getting following error. I am running ot for my 1 basin. I have created the data-sets. I have crosschecked land and atmospheric data-sets are in same dimension. but getting this error how we can resolve this please help me regarding this. Error: (full log file has been enclosed...
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    Error during model compiling (clm 3.0)

    Dear all, facing problem in compiling the model. here i have enclosed the log-file and terminal error screen shot. Please help me regards. Anuj Prakash