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    CESM1.1.z - The interpinic tool does not work properly for input files with multiple glacier elevation classes.

    Affected releases - CESM1.1.z (Bugzilla 1447) Currently, interpinic doesn't use any metadata about the glc_mec columns -- e.g., their topographic height. Details regarding the problem and proposed fixes are included in the bugzilla report.
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    CESM1.1.z - Problem setting a user defined initial condition file for a hybrid or branch case.

    Affected Releases - CESM1.1.zFixed in CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1625) We've recognized a problem in having the user override the setting of finidat when RUN_TYPE=hybrid/branch. In these cases if you set finidat in your user_nl_clm, it will contradict the value coming in from clm.buildnml.csh -- so...
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    Generating a mapping file for UGRID_1km-merge-10min_HYDRO1K-merge-nomask_c130402.nc

    Hi,I'm trying to create surface-dataset for my coustom CLM grid. As an intermediate step, I have to generate a mapping file from UGRID_1km-merge-10min_HYDRO1K-merge-nomask_c130402.nc (~125 million grid cells) to destination.nc (~352K grid cells). My job on Titan using 160 cores exceeded...
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    ldomain in CESM1.1

    Hi! I have a problem with the land compenent in CESM1.1. I would appreciate if I could get some insight on how to deal with this. I need to specify ldomain from an existing input nc file I have from an older case run with cesm1.0.3, which I did the following way: ./xmlchange -file env_run.xml...