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How to output orbital information to history files by editing shr_orb_mod.F90


Binghan Liu
New Member
I try to print the 1D variable 'eccf' defined in the shr_orb_mod.F90 to history file.

The first method I try is: 'use spmd_utils, only: masterproc', then write before 'end subroutine' of the variable 'eccf' defined:
if (masterproc) then
write(s_logunit,*) 'Eccf = ',eccf
end if

but I am stuck on error message #7002, check INCLUDE path. Any idea or hints to solve this problem?
I am new to Fortran, any help is appreciated.

1: shr_orb_mod.F90 can be seen at: https://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/at...-browser/html_code/share/shr_orb_mod.F90.html
2: 'eccf' is defined at the subroutine 'shr_orb_decl'


Binghan Liu
New Member
Here is the detailed error message:

/home/home02/pybl/cesm2/cases/b.e21.BWma1850.f19_g17.eccf_test.001/SourceMods/src.share/shr_orb_mod.F90(8): error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file. Check INCLUDE paths. [SPMD_UTILS]

use spmd_utils, only: masterproc