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iCESM land unit mismatch

Dear all, i was using iCESM to do a startup run using my old experiments restart file and i followed the instructions here. NCAR/iCESM1.2
However, when I use the new initial file, I got the following error:

application called MPI_Abort(comm=0xC4000006, 1) - process 13
check_dim ERROR: mismatch of input dimension 2494 with expected value
3098 for variable landunit

What does this error imply ?

Thanks very much



Jesse Nusbaumer
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Hi Xiao,

That error implies that your CLM restart file somehow does not match up with what your iCESM1 case expects. This could be due to a difference in resolution, time period (e.g 1850 vs 2000), land/sea mask, etc. between the iCESM1 case you created and the restart file you are trying to use. Without knowing the model configurations you have, one possible solution is to simply interpolate your input CLM restart file to match what iCESM1 wants. This can be done by using the "interpinic" program, which is found in the iCESM1.2 source code here:


There is a README file in that directory that describes how to use the program. You can also find instructions online here:

Finally, if you aren't sure what kind of file the case needs, then simply try a startup run instead of a branch or hybrid run, and see what file is used for "finidat" in the iCESM case's lnd_in file (which will be in the run directory).

Hope that helps, and good luck with the interpolation!