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tom god
New Member
Hello. when i do a startup run, i meet a problem that is "NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name. pio_support::pio_die:: myrank= -1 : ERROR: nf_mod.F90: 1288 :(shown in figure". I use " iclm4_IC_create.ncl" script to generate an isotopic file. Then , i use the isotopic file to do a startup run and i meet the problem.


New Member
Is this for a standard fully coupled preindustrial simulation?

To make sure this is a problem from the isotope code, you can start a similar simulation with the regular CESM1.2 code without water isotopes (e.g. cesm1_2_2_1). If the simulation without water isotopes runs fine, then we know there is a problem initializing the water isotopes.