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Information to include in help requests

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Bill Sacks
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
When you are posting to the forums because you want help with an issue, please include as much of the following information as possible.

Please read the following before submitting a help request:
  • Check the CESM support policy, and particularly the list of currently-supported versions at the top of the page. We can only provide limited, if any, help for versions that are no longer supported.
  • Look through the CIME troubleshooting guide to see if any of the suggestions there solve your problem. (If you think of ways we could improve the troubleshooting guide, please give us feedback.)
Please include this information in all help requests:
  • Document the version of the code are you using:
    • In CESM2.1.2 and later, run the script ./describe_version from the top level of your CESM clone (that is, from the directory containing cime, components, etc.). Either:
      • Copy and paste the full output into your post
      • Redirect the output to a file (./describe_version > version_info.txt) then attach the file to your post.
    • From older model versions that do not have the describe_version script, give the output from running the following commands from the top level of your CESM clone (that is, run these from the directory containing cime, components, etc.):
      • git describe
      • ./manage_externals/checkout_externals --status --verbose
  • If you have made any changes to files in the source tree (code, xml files, etc.), please make those changes available (or at least describe them in your help request)
  • Describe every step you took, starting with the create_newcase command and including any changes you made to xml files (via xmlchange or hand edits), user_nl files, or any other changes in your case. (Note that the create_newcase command can be found in README.case, and any changes made via xmlchange can be found in CaseStatus.) It is best if you try to reproduce the problem first using your own instructions, to make sure that your instructions are complete and accurate.
If this is a port to a new machine:
  • Include your config_compilers.xml, config_machines.xml, and config_batch.xml files
  • Document the compiler version you are using on this machine
If the error occurs in the model run:
  • Attach all log files from the run (cpl.log, cesm.log and all component log files)
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