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Irrigation problem and related PFT change problem

Hi,I am able to run irrigation with default dataset in CLM4 with ICN compset. However I am trying to manipulate the irrigated area but I have some issues: 1) First, in CLM4  1 degree surfdata there are 17 levels of PFT so for C3 generic crop I am changing  value for PFT number 16. Am I taking the right PFT for C3 crop? I have referred the Tech note (Oleson et al).2) When I am running the default irrigation then it works fine for all the regions but when I try to increase the C3 generic crop cover (PFT 16) in say a 2 degree by 10 degree grid box to maximum then the model is not adding water to that region. But in the same case model runs successfully for all other regions (adds water to those regions where default dataset values are there). How to resolve this issue? 3) I found out that for irrigation scheme to work variable "btran" value should be less than 1 so how to control that? Is there a way? Please help!Thanks.