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Known problem with module idl loaded on yellowstone for some cesm1_3 beta tags


Staff member
Affected releases:
  • cesm1_3_beta11 (and earlier): no problem
  • cesm1_3_beta12: segfault, CASEROOT is not created
  • cesm1_3_beta{13,14,15,16,17}: segfault, CASEROOT is created, README.case and README.science_support files appear in CASEROOT
  • cesm1_3_beta18: no problem
  • cesm1_4_beta01: no problem
On yellowstone, if the idl module is loaded, then create_newcase fails with a segmentation fault only for the beta tags listed above.The solution is to unload the module idl and make sure it isn't in your dot files before building a cesm case. Because this problem is fixed in later releases, there is not a corresponding bugzilla or Github issue ID.