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LGM initial and config files

   I want to include LGM ice sheet into my Genie model. I use Glint to couple ice sheet model. Can anyone provide me an initial file which include Greenland, Laurentide and Antarctic Ice Sheet. Also, can you provide the Glint configuration file? Thanks in advance! 
Hi there,What version of the ice sheet model are you using?We only have really worked with Greenland so far in our CESM efforts.  I would recommend using the data available here: start sourcing data to construct your own initial condition files, at the required resolution, etc.As for configuration files: our configuration files would be of no use to you, as they are customized to work with CESM.  I would recommend customizing the configuration files that come with the download, after understanding the functions of each of the configuration settings.Finally, while we appreciate your interest, we note that this forum is officially for CESM-related questions only.  So we cannot help with running the ice sheet model in another climate model setting, in any way.  I would suggest coordinating with a current GENIE operator, in your case.