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MarsCAM (CAM3.0) cell grid meaning

Dear all,

I'm using MarsCAM model in order to simulate Martian climate. The code was adapted to Mars by R.Urata and Toon from the terrestrial model CAM 3.0.

I would ask you something about the values I can read as output of the model in the cells with which the surface of the planet is represented. I run the model in finite volume dynamical core configuration. Are the values generated by the code (for example temperature, pressure etc) referred to the center of the grid cell or are they referred to the vertexes of the cell? In other words, if I read 220 K when asking for coordinates lat 30° N and lon 310° E (values contained in the resolution grid) with resolution 4°x5° lat/lon, is this temperature value referred exactly to these coordinates, or is it referred to the center of the cell having a vertex in these coordinates, e.g. T = 220K at 32° N and 312.5° E?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Have a nice day,

Hi Alessandro, Outputs refer to the value at the center of the grid cell. This also applies to the vertical coordinate. If you print out tempertaure at 30N/310E you are actually finding the value at 32N, 312.5E.Best,Victoria