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Missing initialization files for 2-degree FHIST simulation


Patrick Alexander
New Member
Hi Everyone,

I'm attempting to run a 2-degree simulation (f19_f19_mg17) with the FHIST compset with CESM 2.1.3.
(Command ./create_newcase --case test --res f19_f19_mg17 --compset FHIST)

It appears the initialization files for this simulation are missing from the repository at ftp.cgd.ucar.edu.
The default directory for this simulation, as defined in $CESM_ROOT/components/cam/cime_config/config_compsets.xml is:


but the directory does not exist. Does anyone know where I might find these files, or how they can be generated?

Thanks very much,
Patrick Alexander


Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
OK, those files weren't uploaded into our inputdata server. I just did that, so you should be able to offload them now. Sorry about that.