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Modify the chemistry scheme


New Member

I am trying to model the influence of rocket-released water on ionosphere under WACCM, from my understanding, what I should do is:

1) create the nc data files for the emission

2) change the namelist ext_frc_specifier to the directory of my new data

3) copy the chemistry preprocessor input file (chem_mech.in) to my case directory

4) change chemical mechanism to allow for external forcing in the section of "Ext Forcing"

5) add the species in solution part and implicit part

6) add reactions

7) edit the line for CAM_CONFIG_OPTS to add a flag "-usr_mech_infile" followed by the path to the new chem_mech.in file.

But it shows the same error:

BalanceCheck: soil balance error nstep =1 point =1923 imbalance =-0.000000 W/m2

ERROR: shr_reprosum_calc ERROR: NaNs or INFs in input SHR_REPROSUM_CALC: Input contains 0.19958E+06 NaNs and 0.00000E+00 INFs on process 3

Can anyone tell me what happened and how to fix it? thanks