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New species

Hi Forum!

I'm trying to include another species into waccm_mozart version 3.1.9.
I want it to be included, initialized and treated with the same method as most of the other species (via the solsym array and included in m_spc_id.F90) in waccm are treated.
I want it to be solved with the implicit solver and I think I'm almost there... :)

Does anybody know what the permute and diap_map arrays in the mo_sim_dat.F90 file do?



m_spc_id.F90, mo_sim_dat.F90 and several other files are generated using the chemical pre-processor. They are not intended to be modified by the user. The easiest way to add species and to modify the chemical scheme in WACCM is to modify the pre-processor input file and re-run the pre-processor. Documentation and a tarball containing the preprocessor and sample input files have been placed on the dataportal at:

models > WACCM (Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model) > WACCM-3 source code distribution > WACCM CHEM PREPROCESSOR

Be sure to get both the .doc and .tar
Follow the README to run the pre-processor and for where to move and expand the resulting cam.subs.tar

Best of luck, and let us know how you get along.

I'm trying to get acquainted with the preprocessor, and are wondering if the *.inp to remake waccm3.1.9 are in the tar-ball.
The closest one I find is the one called "waccm_ions_spe.inp", but I get into some compiling problems when I replace the files made by the preprocessor.

Seem to be some subroutines/modules that don't excists (cam_logfile, mo_chem_utls) that are called from in the "new" mo_imp_sol.F90 file.
Did you ever resolve this issue? I don't believe the mo_imp_sol routine generated by the preprocessor should have references to cam_logfile and mo_chem_utls. Let me know if you still need help, and I can investigate.