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OpenMP: segmentation fault


New Member
Dear All,
I'm trying to get OpenMP version of CAM3.0.p1 running on 4CPU Itanium machine. I use ifort8.0.039_pl044.1 compiler. Compillation and linking goes OK. Stack size is set unlimited. But when running the code I receive the message:

ICEINI: Read ice data for dates 816 43200 and 916
nstep, te 0 3340167301.58743 0.000000000000000E+000
0.000000000000000E+000 98466.2417923964
Segmentation fault

Has anyone run into the same problem? Maybe someone could tell me which options and envvars to use?

Thanks in advance ,


New Member
Thanks for your answers! :)
I found that sometimes one is not allowed to set large omp private thread stack size (KMP_STACKSIZE used by intel implementation) having shell stack size set unlimited.
For example
$> limit stacksize unlimited
$> setenv KMP_STACKSIZE 50m
coused some problems with kmp sack allocation and I received the message: "OMP abort: Unable to set worker thread stack size to 52428800 bytes. Try reducing KMP_STACKSIZE or increasing the shell stack limit"

$> limit stacksize 256m
$> setenv KMP_STACKSIZE 50m
works fine.