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Orbital parameters in ofline CLM3

Why does clm3 need eccentricity, obliquity and precision's when running in off line mode given that the total incident solar radiation is required as an input. I ask this because I need to run some paleo simulations using CLM3. Setting iyear_AD gives the correct orbital parameters but I am not sure these are used at all. The documentation only describes how clm3 calculates them.


Eq. 3.61 in the technical description of the CLM (Oleson et al 2004) shows why the orbital parameters are needed in the model. Other chapters show how the model uses the variable calculated in Eq. 3.61.

I confused the symbols for the cosine of the zenith angle with that of the average inverse diffuse optical depth (the over bar) . With 3.61, I can now see the connection in equations 4.7-4.9. Thank you.