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Parallel Offline Radiative Transfer software with CAM4 (CESM1.2.2)

Hi all,

I'm running some idealized experiments with CESM1.2.2 (Australian NCI's supercomputer gadi) to understand impact of polar stratospheric clouds in Arctic amplification in a warmer-than-modern-day climate. I'm using WACCM with CAM4 for my current project.
I need to find the radiative kernals and I am trying to use Parallel Offline Radiative Transfer (PORT) software. I was a little bit confused whether I can use PORT after reading the documentation (https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/port/PORT) (and earlier discussions in the forum) and decided to try.

I got the radiative outputs from the control run (compset: F1850W) and tried to use PORT for the outputs from this run (cam.h1 files). I created a case by using user-defined compset as follows:
create_newcase -case ~/CESM/case/May3_PORT_PIcontrol_useBasePIcontrol -user_compset 1850_CAM4%WCCM_PORT_SLND_SICE_SOCN_SROF_SGLC_SWAV -res f19_g16 -mach gadi

I added the PORT input, the switches for precision, output frequency etc following the wiki guidelines in the user_nl_cam.xml (Please refer to the user_nl_cam.txt). I could successfully build and submit the case. However, the output files are empty (maximum and minimum values are 0).

Since I didn't have an issue with building and submitting the case, I'm very confused why the output files are empty. Is it because CESM 1.2.2 does not support PORT?
Can I use PORT with CAM4? (if I try with another version, preferably earlier version of CESM (cesm1.0.6) as CESM2 is not validated in gadi yet)
If not, can you please suggest what are the alternatives to get the radiative kernels.

Thank you,


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Jesse Nusbaumer
CSEG and Liaisons
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