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PFT values


Im trying to simply plot the PFT's used as input by the modern day CLM. I know CLM uses the 4 most prominent PFT's but does this "old format" use only one PFT value? As I simply want a map to compare with palaeo PFT distributions I have used.

When I try to plot the variable "PFT" from the input file I get issues with the LATIXY and LONGXY variables, as they are not formatted the same way as they are in the output file.

SO, is there a simple way of getting a map of modern day PFT's used by CLM?



I assume that you are looking at a clm surface dataset. This is a netcdf file and it should be straightforward to plot the contents. I am not sure why you have latixy/longxy problems.

If you want to plot the vegetation as a single value per gridcell, you will need to map pft groupings onto your list of biomes. You will need to come up with this mapping algorithm yourself because we do not provide it.

Sam Levis