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prescribed surface fluxes in SCAM are not consistent with the forcing


Shuaiqi Tang
New Member
I am running SCAM6 and try to prescribe surface forcing. The namelist I found to control prescribed surface flux is scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg. However, when I change it to "scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg = .true.", the lhflx, shflx and Tg are still different with the corresponding variables in the iop file. Below shows the plot for the tutorial case ARM97. Is it a bug in the SCM configuration?



It's fixed and will be available with CESM is released. Hopefully within the next month. In the meantime, if you like you could add the following call to the subroutine phys_run2 which is in the file physpkg.F90

if (single_column) call scam_use_iop_srf(cam_in)

You will also have to add the following use statement to the phys_run2 use statements

use iop_forcing, only: scam_use_iop_srf

Attached is a sample physpkg.F90 (renamed with a .txt extention to be able to attach it to this email) from the latest cesm2.1.3 release with the modifications. If you are using that release you can rename the file to physpkg.F90 and substitute it for yours. If using a different cesm release, look at that placement of the new lines and make similar ones in your version of physpkg.F90. Let me know if that works for you.



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