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PTCLMmkdata inside the container


New Member
Hi everyone, I am trying to use PTCLM mode/PTCLMmkdata to extract surface data for point simulation. The PTCLMmkdata tool depends on other tools/scripts such as NCAR Command Language/NCL to extract data from gobal datasets to the point of interest. i have installed the NCL tool in my machine and its working well however, to use the PTCLMmkdata script the path for the NCL tool must be in the environmental variable PATH but once i am inside the container i can't able access or set the path of the NCL tool. Inside the container these are the directors i can access:
bin dev etc home lib lib64 lost+found media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var
However, the path for the NCL tool on my machine is found at:
Is there any option to deal with this issue?