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Questions in running compset BHISTcmip6


qiushi Zhang
Hello, everyone. I'm a novice in CESM2 model and I learned a lot after reading the user's guide.Recently, however, I have a problem in running model. I want to run the coupling test of CMIP6, and then modify the parameters for sensitivity test. So, I did the following.

I downloaded the files in this directory and put them in the inputdata directory. ftp://ftp.cgd.ucar.edu/cesm/inputdata/cesm2_init/b.e21.B1850.f09_g17.CMIP6-piControl.001_v3hist/ and other required files.
./create_newcase --case ~/cases/BHISTcmip6 --compset BHISTcmip6 --res f09_g17 --run-unsupported --compiler intel ;
then, I set the running time to be two months:
./xmlchange STOP_N=2,STOP_OPTION=nmonths ;
I calculated 10 hours with 576 cores, but output with very little storage.. So I killed this job. I don't know if this is normal. I see that there are restart files in some running directories, and the display date is 0501-01-01. Does the time integration start from here, and no output files will be produced until 1850? Do I need to modify the xml file to set CONTIUE_RUN to true and change the RUN_TYPE ?If I need 1950 or other restart files, how can I get them?

The output is as follows:

I'm sorry for this confusion in my part.
Any answer will be of great help to me and I will be very grateful.