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reflected solar radiation (FSR) problem

Hi all,

I have one problem but i dont know if it is a software or a science question.

In my offline clm3.0 simulations, outputs show that everyday after noon the reflected solar radiation FSR values start increasing and reach the maximum value (which is FSDS, my input solar radiation value). This results a visible decrease in surface net radiation since all the energy is reflected during half of the day.

I dont know if any parameter i changed can cause this or not. Everything goes normal during first half of the day and then suddenly reflectance increases. Can anybody guide me where i can seek a solution?
Is there any relation between albedo calculations or solar zenith angles and this problem?

Thanks in advance...



I don't know the answers to your questions off the top of my head, but I have a suggestion:

Compare your runs to clm3.0 runs without your modifications. Then you'll know whether your modifications are somehow causing the problem or not.

Sam Levis