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Run cesm (compset ICLM45CNDV) globally with my own forcing data.

Hi everyone,I want to use my own forcing data(global) as model atmospheric forcing to run the compset of ICLM45CNDV, but it didn't work.Some resolution information:My own forcing data :lat=145, lon=192;The domain file for atm-forcing: lat=145, lon=192;The resolution I chose: f19_g16 ,GRID 1.9x2.5, GLC_NX =144GLC_NY=96;The domain file for surface:lat=144, lon=96; The surface data file : lat=144, lon=96;The domain file for atmospheric forcing data is made by myself, but  the domain file for the land and the surface datasets are the model defaultfiles (not reproduced) . A.The steps :1.>./create_newcase -case */test -res f19_g16 -compset ICLM45CNDV -mach mymachine2.>cd */test; vi the env_mach_pes.xml and env_build.xml; then call the set up command.3. Change the vars like "STOP_OPTION","ATM_DOMAIN_FILE" and "ATM_DOMAIN_PATH"; the DATM_MODE is CLM_QIAN( not changed);edit the content of the stream.txt file of CaseDocs:>./preview_namelists>cp CaseDocs/datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.Precip user_datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.Precip>cp CaseDocs/datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.Solar user_datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.Solar>cp CaseDocs/datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.TPQW user_datm.streams.txt.CLM_QIAN.TPQWedit the content of the user_* file and preview_namelists again.4. build and submmit the caseThe errors:1) The cesm.log file :Opened existing file  /nuist/scratch/yqwang77/inputdata_yum/lnd/clm2/rtmdata/rdirc_0.5x0.5_simyr2000_ slpmxvl_c120717.nc      131072 Opened existing file  /nuist/scratch/yqwang77/inputdata_yum/rof/rtm/initdata/rtmi.ICRUCLM45BGC.2000-0 1-01.R05_simyr2000_c130518.nc      131072(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_map_gsmapcheck) different gsmap size(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stoppingapplication called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1001) - process 0 (seq_map_gsmapcheck)gsmap global sizes different        27840       13824(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_map_gsmapcheck) different gsmap size(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping (seq_map_gsmapcheck)gsmap global sizes different        27840       13824application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1001) - process 4(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_map_gsmapcheck) different gsmap size(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1001) - process 52)The cpl.log:(shr_mct_sMatPInitnc) Initializing SparseMatrixPlus(shr_mct_sMatPInitnc) map weight filename /nuist/scratch/yqwang77/inputdata_yum/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/maps/1.9x2.5/map_0.5x0.5_nomask_to_1.9x2.5_nomask_aave_da_c120709.nc(shr_mct_sMatPInitnc) SmatP maptype Y(shr_mct_sMatReaddnc) reading mapping matrix data decomposed...(shr_mct_sMatReaddnc) * file name                  : /nuist/scratch/yqwang77/inputdata_yum/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/maps/1.9x2.5/map_0.5x0.5_nomask_to_1.9x2.5_nomask_aave_da_c120709.nc(shr_mct_sMatReaddnc) * matrix dims src x dst      :     259200 x     13824(shr_mct_sMatReaddnc) * number of non-zero elements:     394272(shr_mct_sMatReaddnc) ... done reading file(shr_mct_sMatPInitnc) Done initializing SmatP, nElements =     394272(seq_mct_drv) : Initializing mapper_Sa2l(seq_map_init_rcfile)  called for mapper_Sa2l initialization (seq_map_gsmapcheck)gsmap global sizes different        27840       13824(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_map_gsmapcheck) different gsmap size (shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping3) The lnd.log and atm.log didn't show any error.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The details about how to use my own forcing data (global) as model atmospheric forcing,better know it step by step.2.I have tried pt1_pt1 as example 5.7(Example of setting up a case with your own atmosphere forcing), but it didn't work; 3.Will it work if I try to run regionally(but for the globe)as the steps above?Thanks so much,Yuqi