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seq_domain_check atm/lnd domain error

Hello paleo modelers, I am attempting to set up a fully coupled (compset B) LGM run with resolution T31_g37, and I am getting a really baffling error.The model run aborts at the (seq_domain_check_grid) subroutine when comparing the atm/lnd domains. From the cpl.log:(seq_domain_check)  --- checking atm/land domains ---(seq_domain_check_grid)  the domain size is =           42(seq_domain_check_grid)  maximum           difference for lat  0.132663573992886E-05(seq_domain_check_grid)  maximum allowable difference for lat  0.100000000000000E-11 (seq_domain_check_grid) ERROR: incompatible domain grid coordinates(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_domain_check_grid)  incompatible domain grid coordinates(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping This is despite the fact that the atm and land domains are the same! From the evn_run.xml:                 And it does in fact seem that the atmosphere and land domains are being compared, not the atm/lnd (i.e. same) domain is being compared to something else. From the seq_domain_mct module:call seq_domain_check_grid(atmdom_a%data, lnddom_a%data, 'lat' , eps=eps_axgrid, mpicom=mpicom_a, mask=maskl) Can anyone explain this? Thanks for the help,Karl