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(seq_frac_check) [glc init] ERROR aborting. ERROR: Unknown error submitted to shr_abort_abort.


Here are my machine type and configuration file:
machine: Linux 18.04.1-Ubuntu
forcing data: atm_forcing.datm7.GSWP3.0.5d.v1.c170516

There are 4 schemes I have run, but something very strange happened:
(S1) CLM50SpGs + hcru_hcru = successful
(S2) CLM50Sp + hcru_hcru = NOT successful
(S3) CLM50SpGs + f09g16 = successful
(S4) CLM50Sp + f09g16 = successful

Firstl, the difference between Sp and SpGs depends on whether cism is Stub or not, (S4) can run successfully, indicating that there is no problem with the cism module. Besides,
S2 can NOT run successfully but F1 can run successfully, indicating that there is a problem with the cism module. it confuses me!

Can someone help me please? Why does the Clm50Sp with low resolution(f09g16) succeed, however the high resolution(hcru_hcru) fails?

run command is mpirun -np 80 /home/dayon/cesm/scratch/CLM50Sp_hcru/bld/cesm.exe >> cesm.log.$LID 2>&1
ERROR: RUN FAIL: Command 'mpirun -np 80 /home/dayon/cesm/scratch/CLM50Sp_hcru/bld/cesm.exe >> cesm.log.$LID 2>&1 ' failed

See log file for details: /home/dayon/cesm/scratch/CLM50Sp_hcru/run/cesm.log.201125-221204

config_compilers.xml and config_machines.xml are config files
cesm.log.201125-221204 and glc.bldlog.201125-220922 are the ERROE LOG


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Hi, please attach your CESM.log, cpl.log, lnd.log, and glc.log files here so we can see the details of your error. You might want to look at your PE layout as well. Often higher resolution simulations with more active components will need more processors, nodes and memory to run. If you attach your config_pes files from each case, we could look at your parallel setup as well.


Hi, katec, thanks for your reply.
I have uploaded the log files of the failed case, including CESM.log, cpl.log, lnd.log, and glc.log files. Besides, the config_compilers.xml and config_machine.xml are also uploaded which are put under my "~/.cime/" directory. And, the env_mach_pes.xml for all the cases are consistent. Finally, when run the
./pelayout for all the 4 cases,the same information is displayed:
CPL : 80/ 1; 0
ATM : 80/ 1; 0
LND : 80/ 1; 0
ICE : 80/ 1; 0
OCN : 80/ 1; 0
ROF : 80/ 1; 0
GLC : 80/ 1; 0
WAV : 80/ 1; 0
ESP : 80/ 1; 0

do you know what is the problem? Looking forward to your reply,thanks a lot.


  • log files and config files.zip
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