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Setting Boundary Conditions in CICE

Hi, I'm trying to set my boundaries. I've built a new grid and kmt that look like an idealized channel in the Arctic.In the ice_in file I have ew_boundary_type  = 'open' and ns_boundary_type  = 'open'. My grid stands like a tiltedrectangle. So the top and bottom are open and the sides are closed using the land mask. What I want to do is set the boundary condition at the north edge to be 2m thick ice. I was under the impression that I can do this by setting aicen_rest and vicen_rest in ice_restoring.f90 to the appropriatevalues and turning the restore option to 'true' in the ice_in file.
I did this and my results don't seem accurate. Then as a test, I set the aice_rest and vice_rest at the eastern boundaryand returned the northern boundary to normal (no ice boundary) and my results were exactly the same.  Any thoughts? Am I not actually setting the boundary conditions correctly?Thank you so much in advance!


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Sorry, I've been out of the office for several weeks. I have not tested the regional boundary capabilities of CICE within the CESM. I would recommending contacting Elizabeth Hunke directly on this question. Have a look at the CICE reference guide at:http://oceans11.lanl.gov/trac/CICEThe CESM version of CICE does not currently use ice_restoring.F90 or ice_forcing.F90.Dave