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slurm error (in ./create_newcase step)



I have used new configuration (XML) files for the process of porting CESM2.1.3 (CLM5) on Beluga (compute canada cluster). I have attached the config files here. I am getting this error after I do “./create_newcase” which says ERROR: No batch system 'slurm' found.

The slurm is defined in my batch system (in the config files), I don’t understand the issue here.

Do you know how should I fix this?


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  • config_batch MH.txt
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I tried it with --debug:

./create_newcase --case /$PATH TO CASE --compset IHistClm50Bgc --res f19_g17 --machine beluga --compiler intel --mpilib intelmpi --walltime 02:00:00 --run-unsupported --debug

This is what the debug says:

Grid is: a%1.9x2.5_l%1.9x2.5_oi%null_r%r05_g%gland4_w%null_m%gx1v7
Components in compset are: ['datm', 'clm', 'sice', 'socn', 'mosart', 'cism', 'swav', 'sesp', 'drv', 'dart']
Using project from config_machines.xml: def-hbeltram
No charge_account info available, using value from PROJECT
Using project from config_machines.xml: def-XXXX
RUN: git describe --tags $(git log -n1 --pretty='%h')
output: cesm2.1.3-rc.01

cesm model version found: cesm2.1.3-rc.01
Batch_system_type is slurm
RUN: /cvmfs/ --noout --schema /home/meisam/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/config/xml_schemas/config_batch.xsd /home/meisam/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_batch.xml
errput: /home/meisam/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_batch.xml validates

File "./create_newcase", line 218, in <module>
File "./create_newcase", line 213, in _main_func
input_dir=input_dir, driver=driver, workflowid=workflow)
File "/home/XXXX/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 1452, in create
input_dir=input_dir, driver=driver, workflowid=workflowid)
File "/home/XXXXX/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 949, in configure
batch = Batch(batch_system=batch_system_type, machine=machine_name, files=files)
File "/home/XXXXX/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/XML/", line 41, in __init__
self.set_batch_system(self.batch_system, machine=machine)
File "/home/XXXXX/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/XML/", line 79, in set_batch_system
expect(self.batch_system_node is not None, "No batch system '{}' found".format(batch_system))
File "/home/XXXXX/my_cesm_sandbox/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/", line 126, in expect
ERROR: No batch system 'slurm' found

1- Do you think I should try downloading and setting up the model from the beginning again?

2- I have asked my colleagues about this and they say that I have to make a ".cime" directory in my home directory and put all the config.xml files in it. Is that ok?