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Some ideas about CISM

Thanks Bill . Can you give me some relevant papers or the documentation or the suggestions about remapping between CLM and CISM in this model ? December is too late for me . And I only want to fully understand the limitation about three resolution . Thank you very much again!!!


Bill Sacks
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
We have moved to a different scheme in the upcoming CESM2 exactly because it was too difficult to support alternative resolutions with the old scheme, so I am not able to provide full details here. But you could start by setting up a simulation at one of the supported resolutions (e.g., f09), and then looking at the CLM namelist file (lnd_in). Look for files referenced there that are resolution-specific. These are all of the files you will need at your new resolution. Off the top of my head, this includes at least the surface dataset, fglcmask, and a file giving the atmosphere's topographic height (needed for downscaling to glacier elevations; I forget the name of this file). There may be others, too. If you provide all of these files at your new resolution, that will take you most of the way towards what you need - and maybe all of the way. The mapping to CISM should work if you have these files, if the land domain is a regular lat-lon domain.Unfortunately, since you are trying to run the model in an unsupported configuration, I will not be able to provide further support if you run into problems or other questions trying to get this set up.